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Active Adventures:

Vacation is so often a time of excess and indulgence. That can throw off your lifestyle goals, and put a real monkey wrench in your health. That’s why this year we’re encouraging everyone to take an Active Adventure approach to the holidays, so you can see the world and get away from your job without letting go on all your fitness and nutrition goals. Active adventures are also the ideal way to bond with friends, get quality time with family, and grow your relationship.

Hiking: Hiking is one of the least expensive options for your next getaway. It might not seem super restful, but you can set your own pace. Stay on the trail, or come out of the hills for a comfy night in a hotel. You don’t have to rough it just to be in the wild. Hike the length of the Appalachians, the islands of Hawaii, or the heights of the Rockies.

Why Hiking :

It’s cheap. There’s no pass to buy, nothing to rent, and no fees involved. All you’ll have to do is get yourself to the start of the trail, and stock up on food and supplies. Make sure you have good boots, plenty of socks and a sturdy pack. That might mean an initial investment, but lots of outdoor brands like Patagonia and LL Bean have lifetime warranties, so you’ll never have to buy any of it again.

It’s a sure way to get fit. There’s no way you’ll put on a paunch when you’re on a hiking holiday. Instead, you’ll get in great shape. Hiking does a few great things. It works your cardiovascular system, which means you’ll breathe better and get more oxygen in your blood once you’re back home. It also works the hell out of your legs and core, so you’ll actually build muscle in addition to burning off fat. Carrying a pack also helps you develop better posture, and learn to support your back with your core.

You’ll see the sights. Hiking by nature takes you to all nature’s best peaks, so it’s an ideal way to get some amazing views.

You can do it anywhere. You can hike absolutely anywhere there’s a path. Death Valley, France, Tibet, you name it!

You can choose your adventure level. If you aren’t a big fan of roughing it, plan a route that takes you town to town, so you can stop off for lodging. If you’re looking for a wilderness voyage off the grid, plan a route with cabins and shelters along the way, and bring your sleeping gear.


Golfing is an ideal way to make sure you get lots of walking in without having your vacation feel like a workout. Spending all day on the green, you’re sure to get plenty of steps. Plus, golf resorts usually have plenty of pools, so you can get your swim on as well.  Just make sure to ditch the cart once in a while!

Why Golf:

It’s relaxing, without being inactive. Golf is a fairly leisurely sport. It’s kind of deceptive, because you can spend all day feeling like you’re not working too hard, but be sore by the time dinner rolls around. We love golf breaks because they have all the physical benefits of exercise without any mental stress whatsoever. To measure your progress, make sure you bring the best rangefinder to keep track of your miles. It's more precise than a pedometer, and will give you a pretty significant sense of achievement when you realize how much ground you’ve covered at the end of a day.

You get to stay in paradise. The best part of golf getaways is the locations resorts are nearly always located somewhere scenic, and they have spectacular views. Plan an ocean trip to catch beachfront sunsets, or go to a mountain resort for more grand vistas.

You’ll be staying in comfort, with all your needs taken care of. Golf resorts are like hotels, without the cramped feeling. You’ll have private rooms, clean linen, with hot water, and a choice of several restaurants. It doesn’t get more vacation than that.

Golfing also has a competitive edge. It’s a good way to keep your brain and your body working together. Plus, a friendly round is a great time to catch up with old friends, get the familiar banter going.

It’s low-impact exercise. Walking is a safe bet for just about everybody. It’s easy on the joints, easy on the lungs, and a nice steady rate of cardio activity to keep you moving without straining anything.


If you’re looking for a way to see the absolute most sights and sites on your holiday, go for a ride! Biking is an easy holiday to plan, pay for, and prepare for.


You’ll cover the most ground. Biking is a lot faster than hiking, and a whole hell of a lot more movement than golf. You can easily cycle 50 miles per day without straining yourself. That’s idea for planning a route along Roman Roads in Europe, or along the Pacific Coast.

It’s low-impact exercise. Like rowing or swimming, biking is a lot less stressful on your body than walking or running. Once you get into a rhythm, your body will thank you for all the improvements you make in joint movement, core engagement, and other benefits. Unless you’ve got some serious knee issues, biking is a safe choice for most everyone.

Biking makes it easy to carry gear in panniers. They’re much less strain than a big framepack, and you’ll eventually forget you’re carrying anything along with you.

Unlike hiking over rough terrain, or clambering up boulders, biking will take you around the world from the comfort of paved roads. While you might hit the occasional pothole or two, biking is extremely comfortable, especially if you hit one of those “great roads” along the coast, with perfect pavement and stunning views. Coasting down along the seaside is one of the best experiences you can have on holiday.

You don’t have to rough it. Plan your route around interesting B&B’s or historic lodgings to enrich your cultural experience abroad. Or, plan to stop along the way at a nice hotel to enjoy real luxury after a long day’s ride.

You can do it anywhere in the world. Everywhere has roads, and every country on earth has bikes. It’s easy to rent cycles from local shops, so you don’t have to travel with your nice equipment.


Breakfast Blasts: Getting a nutritious start to your day

We all try to get our 5-7 servings of fruit or vegetables a day. However, most of us tend to wait until lunch or dinner to eat most of them. That can be a real killer, especially for those midday slumps when you need all the nutrients you can get.

Today, we want to encourage all our readers to get lots of fresh produce in the morning, so you can stock your body up for the long day!You’ll feel more energized from the off, and beat the midmorning slump.

Here’s a few ideas for doing breakfast more effectively:

Smoothies: smoothies are a great way to get all your food groups in one gulp. You can add protein powder from plant sources, or use dairy as a base. We love to mix fruits and vegetables. Try bananas, blueberries, and spinach for a nutritious combo! You can add oats in for a bit of substance, and chia seeds for a bit more interest!

Breakfast burritos: these don’t have to be unhealthy! Eggs are lean protein, and you can get away with a bit of cheese once in a while. Our twist: throw in some avocado, and sauté some fresh peppers and onions in with your scrambled eggs.

Fruit salad: simple, easy, and super tasty. Just make sure to mix and match colors, so you get an even better nutritional profile.

Jazz up your granola with some fresh fruits!